Our Culture

The 15C Way

The 15000 Cubits Team Is a Small But Mighty Force.

We are a sharp and streamlined team of movers, doers, and problem-solvers. We welcome challenges with an open mind and seek creative solutions that generate results. New ideas are always welcome and encouraged. We actively fight stagnation and believe that growth only happens when leaving your comfort zone.

We are a fully remote team that believes community doesn’t just take place in a corporate office. We work side by side, miles apart, to get things done at astonishing productivity rates. As a distributed team, we value open, transparent, and honest communication. We ask for help when we need it, and we support our team members at all times. Wi-Fi and Slack chats are essential ways of life.

We love what we do, and we work with purpose. We nurture our team members’ unique talents and abilities and empower them to succeed. Bringing together a diverse set of skills and experiences enables us to tackle problems innovatively while creating something we’re proud of. People make the difference, and people come first.

Are you interested in joining our winning team? Reach out to us. We’d love to see if you are a fit for 15C.


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